Welcome to Black History Geeks, the black history site that studies and remembers the forgotten black leaders in our local communities. The stories that never made it to the history books. The real black pebbles that created mighty waves.

An idealist with a vision

My name is Nate and I am considered to be an idealist always dreaming of the next BIG idea. I have always wondered about who I am and where I really came from. You see before you can more forward to operate within your God given purpose. You must know your past. In searching of my past. I started to understand why I have this uncontrollable desire to become the best God fearing creative entrepreneur this world has ever seen.

Words Matter

“I am born to succeed. I am born to win. The infinite within me cannot fail. Devine law and order governs my life. Devine peace fills my soul. Devine love saturates my mind. Infinite intelligent guides me in all ways. God’s riches flow to me freely, joylessly, endlessly, unstopping. I am advancing. Moving forward and growing mentally, spiritually, financially, and in all other ways. I know these truths are sinking into my subconscious mind and I know, and I believe they will grow after their kind.”